Getting Started with Tell Tali.

Quick steps for getting up and running with Alexa and Tali.

Alexa Device

To get started with Alexa, you'd need to set up an Amazon Echo or Alexa device.

If you want to try out Alexa before you buy a device, you can simulate an Alexa device in your browser:


Enable and link the Alexa Skill 

  1. Sign in to the Alexa App with your Amazon account.
  2. Enable the Tali skill
  3. lf you are not automatically directed to, click Settings or Link
  4. Sign in and click Accept 

Enable Tali Skill

Once you've got Tali linked with Alexa, try saying, "Alexa, open Tali." 

Now that you're linked, you can also try Alexa with a mobile device.

For more on how to use Tali with Alexa, check out this cheat sheet.