Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseBatch BillingHow to generate a batch of Unpaid Invoice Statements.

How to generate a batch of Unpaid Invoice Statements.

1. Select 'Pending Invoicing' from your User Dashboard.

2. Select 'Unpaid Invoice Statement'.

What is the difference between a Statement and an Invoice?

Invoice: Generates new Invoices and Invoice numbers for your batch. Your Matter Ledger and Trust Ledger will reflect these changes.

Statement: A Unpaid Invoice Statement displays the Client, Matter information and the Invoice numbers with total amount due. This does not create a new Invoice number, it just provides an overview of what's due for all Matters.

Optional - Include original invoices with statement: Includes copies of the original Invoices.

3. Enter the number of days since the last Invoice was generated. Or,  leave blank to pull all Unpaid Invoice Statements.

4. Select any additional filters that apply. When finished, click 'Get Answer'.

5. Review your Report Summary and choose 'Pre-bill' or 'Invoice':


You can get a downloadable preview of the statement by selecting 'Pre-bill'. This shows you what the Client will see without sending the statement out yet.  


If you choose 'Invoice', these statements will be fully processed and saved to your Matter Documents. These statements will be sent to your Clients via email or the Client Portal, if the invoice-sharing option is selected for that Matter.

6. Configure your options and select 'Run Pre-bills' or 'Process Invoice(s), depending on your selection in the previous step.

7. You will receive a message that your Invoices are being processed. Select 'Done'.

8. Download the statements or navigate to your Matter Documents to download at anytime.

Here's a sample Unpaid Invoice Statement:

Follow these steps to generate a statement for a single Matter.