Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseOffice 365 Integration (Outlook Email, Calendar, Word, and Powerpoint)Things to know before syncing your Office 365 Contacts and Calendar.

Things to know before syncing your Office 365 Contacts and Calendar.

  • Calendar Event attendees will not be included in synced Events unless Contact syncing is enabled.
  • If Contact syncing is not enabled, all calendar Event attendees that have the same Contact record and email address existing in both Outlook and Rocket Matter will be added to the calendar Event successfully.
  • Clicking 'Enable Contact Sync' will sync all Outlook Contacts to Rocket Matter for all users that have  Contact syncing enabled. This may result in duplicate Contacts. It is advised that you audit your Contacts before, or immediately after the sync. All Rocket Matter users in the account will have access to all synced Contact records. Also, once enabled, all Rocket Matter Contacts will appear as a Contact record in Office 365.
  • You can disable the Contact sync within Rocket Matter at any time, ending any further syncing. However, disabling the Contact sync in Rocket Matter won't remove any previously synced Contacts, those Contact records will remain unless manually deleted.

For steps on syncing your contacts from Office 365 click here!