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How to upload a folder with Documents.

Folders can be used in Rocket Matter to organize your Documents. You only upload folders while you are using Rocket Matter in the Chrome browser. Folders cannot be uploaded while you are using alternate browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari). Download Chrome here.

Folders can be uploaded from two sections: 'Documents' and 'Matter Documents'. The following instructions show you how to upload a folder from the 'Documents' section.

1. Select 'Documents' from your left-hand navigation panel.

1.  Click "Documents" on your Navigation Panel.

2. Click the 'folder' icon.

2.  Click the Folder Icon.

3. Click 'Upload Folder/Files'.

3.  Click "Upload Folder/Files".

4. Type in the 'Client : Matter' you want to upload the folder to.

4.  Type in the Client:Matter you wish you upload the folder to.

5. Drag and drop your folder or click to browse files.

6. Once the folder uploads, click 'Done'.

6.  After the Folder is uploaded, click "Done".

View your new folder in the 'Documents' section.

7.  View the new Folder

The new folder view can be viewed in one of two locations:

  1. In the 'Documents' section, click the Client : Matter and follow the navigation until you see your folder.
  2. In the 'Matter Documents' section of the Matter associated you with the folder.


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