Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseBatch BillingHow to Invoice a batch for Matters with current charges.

How to Invoice a batch for Matters with current charges.

1. Select 'Pending Invoicing' from your Dashboard.

2. Select 'Matters with current charges'.

This option will only generate Invoices for Matters with un-billed activity.

3. Select any additional filters that are applicable. Once complete, click 'Get Answer'.

  1. Billing Type: Hourly, Flat Fee, Contingency, or select all that apply.
  2. Matters that owe more than: Your selected dollar amount
  3. Activity From: Select a specific start and end date or leave blank to pull all activity up until your selected end date.
  4. Select Primary Attorney: Select specific users or leave blank to select all users.
  5. Select Clients: Select a specific Client or leave blank to select all Clients.
  6. Filter by Matter Custom Field: You have the option to include ANY custom field or ALL custom fields entered.

4. Review your Report Summary.

  1. Enter Audit Mode: Scans your line items for errors and omissions and highlights them so you can make corrections.
  2. Export Results: Export your results into a Report Summary.
  3. Print Results: Print your Report Summary.
  4. Group by Client: Group your Invoices by Client.

5. Select 'Invoice'.

6. Configure your Invoice Options and select 'Next'.

1.  Prebill or Invoice:

  • Pre-bill: Runs a preview of your Invoices, does not modify your Matter or Trust Ledgers. These documents will not be saved to your Matter Documents. After your Prebill runs, download the zip file for review.
  • Invoice: Generates new Invoices and Invoice numbers for your batch. Your Matter Ledger and Trust Ledger will reflect these changes.

2. Choose your preferred file format:

  • If you select a PDF file format  you can choose from the Additional Invoice Options.
  • If you choose Word or Excel you cannot choose from the Additional Invoice Options.

3. Additional Invoice Options - Only applicable by selecting a PDF file format from above.

  • Compile each client's invoices into one document (PDF only)
  • OR/AND Include a client summary page with individual invoice totals and combined total.

7. Choose your Trust Details and select 'Next'.

You have $ (Trust funds) held in trust. Would you like the Invoice(s) to reflect available Trust funds as having been transferred?

  • Yes, show $ (Trust funds) as transferred toward the balance of any newly created Invoices. Unpaid Invoice statements will not have any Trust transfers applied unless there are current charges for the matter.
  • No, but reserve these funds for transfer from Trust account later. If this option is selected, you'll see the funds listed on your Trust Ledger as pending withdrawal. With a simple click you can confirm to transfer those funds.
  • No, don't do anything, I'll manage Payments manually. Matter Ledger(s) will NOT be adjusted accordingly.

8. Confirm Batch and select 'Process Invoice(s)'.

9. You will receive a message that your Invoices are being processed. Select 'Done'.

Invoice batch progress: Your Invoices are being processed. You can leave this page at any time. The progress bar will remain in place and you will be notified when the batch is complete.

10. Select 'Download Invoices' from the Invoice batch progress bar. Your Invoice will populate at the bottom of your screen. Click to open the downloaded file, or find the file within your 'Downloads' folder.