Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseBilling: Prebill Approval ProcessPrebills section: The Prebill Activities Screen.

Prebills section: The Prebill Activities Screen.

From the time you generate Prebills to the time you Invoice, additional activities may have been added to your Matters. If you want the new activities to be included in your batch of Prebills, or if you need to change the status of your Prebill, follow the steps below.

1. Click 'Billing' from the left-hand navigation panel and select the 'Prebills' option below.

2. While viewing your 'Prebill Results' click on the desired 'Client : Matter'.

3. The Prebill Summary will display the Prebill #, Client and Matter name, Current Charges, Tax Amount, Total Due (including past due balances), and Total Due Covered by Trust.

4. To add new activities to your Prebill, click on 'Add Activities to Prebill'.

5. The screen will open a new widget, displaying the new time added to the Matter since the Prebill was originally generated. Toggle the items you want to include and click 'Add Selected Activities'.

The Prebill Summary will update to include the selected activities.

6. Set the new Prebill as 'Pending', 'On Hold', or 'Approved'.

7. Send 'Activity Comments' to Billing Users to notify them of the new activity. Or, select 'Preview Invoice' to generate a new downloadable Prebill to share with the Billing User for approval.

NOTE: Selecting 'Delete Prebill' will send all activities back to general billing in a pending invoicing state. It will not delete line items from the system entirely.

8. You can also add a discount to your Prebill by selecting 'Edit Discount' and entering a percentage or dollar amount.

9. Click 'Save Discount' to save.