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Rocket Matter Track: Stopwatch Timer

To record time entries using the Rocket Matter Track app, ensure that the timer setting for multiple timers is enabled within the Rocket Matter application.

1. Select the 'Stopwatch' icon in the left-hand panel.

2. Enter the client, or matter name to search for the associated client:matter.

This is optional field, but best practice to associate the timer.

3. Enter the billing description.

Toggle to mark the timer non-billable, or no-charge, if applicable.

4. Now, press the play icon to start the timer:

*Once you press start in the Rocket Matter Track App, a new timer will automatically open in Rocket Matter and run simultaneously.

5. After you click the "STOP" button within the Rocket Matter Track app, the timer will be moved to the list of current timers.

6. While viewing the list of timers, click on the client:matter name to make any changes, if applicable.

Here you can edit the date, timer, units or description. •

  • BILL TIME: You can capture time from your timer by clicking 'Bill Time.' Once you've chosen the bill time option, the timer will be removed from the list of available timers in both Rocket Matter and the Rocket Matter Track app, and it will be added to the pending billable activity for the assigned matter.
  • DISCARD TIMER This will 'discard' and delete the timer from both Rocket Matter, and the Rocket Matter Track App. Discarding (Deleting) a timer in Rocket Matter, will also result in the deletion of the timer in the Rocket Matter Track App.
  • SAVE CHANGES: This will save all changes made, if applicable. The timer will remain the list of current timer(s).
  • CANCEL: This option will cancel and close the window; no changes will be saved.

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