Client Matter Type Rates.

Client Matter Type Rates are a new enhancement to our Rocket Project Management feature. Before you can begin using Client Matter Type Rates, you need to fully set up Rocket Project Management. Also, ensure that you have configured billing roles for each of your Billing Users. These new rates allow you to bill your Clients according to a Matter Type-Specific Rate, instead of a User Rate or Client Custom Rate.  

On the Client's contact record, you will see the option to 'Add Matter Type Rates'.  A drop-down menu will populate all the Matter Types that have been created within Rocket Project Management. Only one rate can be assigned per Matter Type for each billing role. No worries, you can still utilize standard Custom Client Rates for your Client on other Matters that are not utilizing Matter Type Rates.

Things to consider:

  • When creating a Matter, if you choose to attach a Matter Type that has a custom rate, the Matter Type custom rate will be applied instead of any standard custom Client rates or default rates.
  • Changes to Matter Type rates only affect newly created Matters going forward, changes are not retroactively applied to existing Matters.