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How to use Rocket Matter Pay.

Rocket Matter Pay is a payment processing service that allows law firms to simplify and automate the process of sending Invoices to their Clients and collecting payments.

Rocket Matter users can instantly generate an Invoice and send it to a Client via email. Your Clients will receive their Invoice with a link to a payment page where they can pay their Invoices quickly, easily, and securely by credit card or directly through their bank.  

Client payments are automatically recorded in your Rocket Matter ledgers. Take your payment processing one step further by integrating your Rocket Matter account with QuickBooks online, and seamlessly integrate your invoicing and payment information directly with your QuickBooks online account.

In addition, Rocket Matter customers will save considerably on processing fees and enhance their overall transactional capabilities. 

Rocket Matter Pay enables you to automatically send an Invoice to your client by email. Emails are fully customizable, and your clients can access a payment page directly from the email, where they can make payments towards their invoices or Trust Accounts.  

The following instructions show you how to set up automatic Invoice sharing, and how your Clients can quickly view and pay their Invoices directly from their email once your account is set up with Rocket Matter Pay.

1. Navigate to the Matter Dashboard.

2. Click 'Edit Matter'.

3. Select '+ Billing Information' to expand this section.

4. Click 'Share Invoices'.

NOTE: You can set up multiple Contacts to receive shared Invoices automatically. Once you have a Contact in the 'Contacts receiving invoices for this matter' section, an 'Add another' button will become available.  

5. Enter the 'Contact Name', select 'Email', and click 'Add'.

NOTE: Be sure the email address you have in the Client's contact record is up to date. Otherwise, you will be prompted to edit their contact record upon selecting 'Add'.

6. Click 'Save Matter' to save your changes.

6.  When you next generate an invoice, your Contact will receive an automatically generated email containing the invoice, and a link to a Payment Page.
  • Clients can select the payment link to access the payment page.
  • Client's can also download a copy of the Invoice directly from the email.

Upon successfully completing the payment, Clients will receive a confirmation.

Want more information about setting up Rocket Matter Pay? Contact our Award-Winning Support Team at (888) 432-1529 or [email protected].