Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseBilling: Prebill Approval ProcessPrebills section: How to print Prebills from the 'Prebills' section.

Prebills section: How to print Prebills from the 'Prebills' section.

Only users with the appropriate permissions are able to complete this task. See your firm administrator for access, if needed. 

1. Click 'Billing' from the left-hand navigation panel and select the 'Prebills' option below.

You can access a list of all Clients and Matters with current charges in the 'Prebill Results' section.

2. Use the 'Prebill Filters' to filter accordingly, or leave blank to display all.

3. By default, all Matters will be toggled as selected.  To deselect all toggled Matters, use the bulk toggle feature.

NOTE: You can easily sort each column by clicking on the column headers to group and sort each category.

4. If you deselected the bulk toggle, select each Matter you want to print.

5. Click 'Bulk Actions' and select 'Print'.

6. Review the Invoice Preview Options. When finished, click 'Print Prebill(s)'.

7. You'll receive a message that your request is being processed. Click 'Done'.

8. Once your request is complete, click 'Print Prebills'. Then, click to open the downloaded zip file at the bottom of your screen or find the file within your 'Downloads' folder.