Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseLexShare Integration.How to upload documents to LexShare from within Rocket Matter.

How to upload documents to LexShare from within Rocket Matter.

On the Rocket Matter side: Once you are integrated with LexShare, any Documents you upload to Rocket Matter can automatically be synced to LexShare too!  

On the LexShare side: As long as you upload a Document to LexShare and save it in a mapped folder/file, then that Document will automatically sync to Rocket Matter.

For steps on enabling the integration, click here.  

1. From an existing Matter, select 'Matter Documents' from the left-hand navigation panel.

NOTE: If the integration is already enabled, when you create a new Client : Matter in Rocket Matter, a new Client : Matter will automatically be created in LexShare.

However, when you create a new Client directly in ImagineShare, a Client is NOT created automatically in Rocket Matter. You will want to create a Client : Matter with the same name in Rocket Matter, as you did in ImagineShare.

2. Select the Source 'LexShare'.

3. Select the 'paper' icon to upload a file. Or, select the 'folder' icon to create a subfolder in ImagineShare for this Matter.

4. Upload the desired Document or folder. Next, click 'Done'.

5. The Document will be uploaded into Rocket Matter and LexShare!

View on the Rocket Matter side from within the Matter: