Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseLexShare Integration.How to add staff members to LexShare.

How to add staff members to LexShare.

1. Log into LexShare. Enter the email address and password associated with your Firm and select the 'Sign in' button.

Figure 2 below is the login landing page for the ACME Corporation.  This example is showing a single client and two firms.  Your login landing page may only show your clients and a single firm.  Select your Firm Name.

Figure 2:

4. Select the Orange 'Invite Staff' button to enter your staff information and send an 'Invite' email for a new staff member to connect to the portal. Each staff member entered will require a separate license linked to a unique email account.

5. Selecting the 'Invite Staff' button gives you the option of creating a single staff entry or performing a 'Bulk staff upload' by downloading a 'CSV' template.

7. Inviting new Staff:

To "Add staff" enter a valid email address and the full name of the new staff member. Selecting the checkbox for 'This staff member has owner privileges', will authorize the new staff member full control. This allows the staff member to see and manage all files and folder actions. Leave this checkbox empty for standard staff permissions.

2. Add a personal note to the invitation email (optional).

3. Preview and 'Send now' when ready.


8. The Staff members email invitation will look like this:

Staff may click the 'Join us in LexShare' button to access the account and will use the temporary password provided for initial access.

9. To add Staff members in bulk (Step 4) click on the 'Bulk Staff Upload' selection. This will load the dialog shown below. Select the 'Click here to download a CSV template'.

10. Using the Windows operating system the template download should show on the download bar at the bottom of your screen. Open the template and fill.

The file 'staff_bulk_import_template_csv' is a Microsoft Excel template file.  The actual file location for the newly download file should be the default download folder setup on your computer system.  If you are not sure what this location is, you can click the Show in folder selection to open the Windows file explorer app.  The file explorer app will open to the location of the newly downloaded template and highlight the CSV file.  Once in the file explorer, you can double click the highlighted file to open in Excel.  If you are sure of the default download folder, simply Mouse click on the small up arrow and select open.

11. Selecting open or double-clicking the CSV file in file explorer will open the “staff_bulk_import_template_csv” file in Excel.Fill in the staff information and save the template to your local machine.

NOTE: The example above shows an image of the Excel CSV template with several staff entries added.  Note that the Samual Ball entry has been granted Owner privileges within the portal, while the others receive standard permissions.  Once you have entered your staff save the file to your local machine.  This should be the location it was downloaded to originally.

12. Return to the 'Upload your CSV file dialog' where you downloaded the CSV template from. You can drag the completed CSV template file from a file explorer window and drop it in the “CSV Upload box” depicted below or click in the “grey” area of the “CSV Upload box” to open a file explorer window to navigate to the folder the saved template file is in. Double click the template file or single click it and select open to start the upload process of the template file.

13. The 'Review Import' dialog box shown below will load staff from the CSV file accepted for importing. Select 'Cancel' to cancel or select  'Continue Importing' to import the new staff.

14. Selecting the blue 'Continue Importing' button will display the 'Invite staffs' verification dialog. You can select the white “x” or the red 'Never mind' to cancel this dialog without completing the upload at this moment. You can select the 'Upload only' button to upload the new staff to the portal without sending the invite to the new staff or select the 'Yes, upload and send invites' to all new staff uploaded to the portal with the CSV template.

15. Selecting 'Upload only' or 'Yes', 'upload and send invites' will display the “Step 3 of 3” Import Results dialog shown below. If you discover this information contains errors you can still upload and correct the errors in the portal. Otherwise, you can press the “x” button in the upper right of the dialog to cancel the upload. If the information is correct select the 'Okay' button to complete the upload to the portal.

16. The figure below shows the new staff uploaded and active in the portal. If you selected 'Upload only' you can select the orange 'Resend Invite' button to the right of the staff information to send the invite when needed. The orange 'Reset Password' button will send an email to the staff member allowing them to change their password.

17. There are two additional selections you can click on in the 'Settings: Members' dialog. Selecting the blue 'Staff member name' will open a 'Context Menu' on the right side of your screen. Selecting the small blue 'Gear icon' will load the 'Settings: Member:Update Staff'.

18. Selecting the 'Context Menu' will show information about the selected staff member and allows the 'Owner' to edit this information. Using the mouse cursor to hover over the different fields will make additional selections visible for each field you would like to edit.

19. Selecting the 'Gear Icon' allows you to change the staff member to 'Active or Inactive' using the dropdown box. Selecting the 'checkbox' for 'This staff member has owner privileges' will allow “Owner” privileges, while not checking or removing a checkmark will assign “Standard” privileges. You may also turn 'on' or 'off' E-Signature Access for this staff member. You can 'Save' or 'Cancel' changes, either will return you to the 'Settings: Members' screen.