Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Rocket Project ManagementHow to create and modify workflow statuses.

How to create and modify workflow statuses.

You can assign Matter Types to matters for better organization and more accurate reporting. You can also build cases statuses and status transitions to track case progress individually and on a firm-wide level. Once you have added a Matter Type, create some Workflow Statuses and build Workflow Transitions to outline a roadmap for how a particular Matter Type case type should progress.

Workflow statuses allow you to define phases that cases typically go through. They can be broad and general or they can be very specific, depending on the level of granularity and reporting transparency you would like to achieve. Statuses can also be tied to Matter Templates so when a case transitions into a new phase, tasks and events can be layered on automatically.

1. Navigate to 'Settings' (Only administrators will have access).

2. In Rocket Project Management, click on 'Edit Workflow Statuses'.

3. Add a 'Status' by clicking on the green plus sign in the right corner. Enter the  name and description for this status. You can also add a number of days recommended in this status (optional).

4. 'Save'and review all workflow statuses.

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