Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseDocumentsHow to use the 'Download Copy' feature to copy any Document.

How to use the 'Download Copy' feature to copy any Document.

Our 'Download Copy' feature allows you to download a copy of your Word document and reuse the Document for any Matter. You can then sync the Document into any Matter of your choice using the Rocket Matter Microsoft Word add-in. 'Download Copy' also works for an existing Document that has been invoiced, allowing you to reuse it to bill for that same Document in another Matter.

Once the original Document is saved to the Matter, anyone with access to the Matter can utilize the 'Download Copy' feature. Methods of saving Documents include: Document merge (using a Document Template), Office 365/Word integration, and adding a Document straight to the Matter via the 'Matter Documents' section.

1. Navigate to the Matter of your choice.

2. Select 'Matter Documents' from the left-hand navigation panel.

3. Click the drop-down 'actions' tab next to the Document you wish to copy. Then, select 'Download Copy'.

NOTE: The file will download to your desktop. Right-click to 'Open' the file to access and re-use.

4. Once your file is open, click on the Rocket Matter logo to access the add-in.

NOTE: If this is your first time using the Rocket Matter Microsoft Word add-in, you will need to set it up. In the Microsoft Word tool bar, click 'Insert', choose 'Add-ins', then 'Get Add-ins' and search for Rocket Matter. Lastly, click 'Add'. This will add the Rocket Matter icon to your tool bar to allow you to sync documents.

5. Once synced, the Document will be accessible to you for any changes you want to make. Complete the add-in fields.

All fields in the add-in are left blank for manual entry, except the Document title. You can re-title the Document if you choose.

6. Once you're finished, click 'Save to Rocket Matter'.

Your new Document is now available in Rocket Matter!