Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseOffice 365 Integration (Outlook Email, Calendar, Word, and Powerpoint)How to sync your Microsoft Word with Rocket Matter (Desktop Version).

How to sync your Microsoft Word with Rocket Matter (Desktop Version).

Before syncing, be sure to authorize the sync.

To learn more check out this FAQ.

1. Sign in to your online Office 365 account.

2. Click and select Microsoft Word.

3. Click to open a blank document or select an existing document.

4. While viewing the document, click on 'Insert'.

5. Next, click on the blue 'Office Add-ins'.

6. Click on the 'Office Store'.

7. Search for Rocket Matter.

8. Click on the blue 'add' to insert the add-in.

9. While viewing the 'Home' tab of the Word Document, notice the Rocket Matter logo appear on the top-right of this page.

10. Click 'Sync Document'.

11. Sign in below with your Rocket Matter credentials.

12. In the sharing window to the right of the document, insert the client:matter, billing user and additional time capture information.

13. Be sure to click ‘Save to Rocket Matter’ at the top when finished.

14. After clicking 'Save to Rocket Matter' you'll quickly notice a check mark indicating that this email has successfully been sent to Rocket Matter.

15. To see your saved document, navigate to the associated matter in Rocket Matter.

16. Click on ‘Matter Documents’ located in the left-hand panel to view your uploaded document.