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How to set up and use Client Matter Type Rates.

Client Matter Type Rates are a new enhancement to our Rocket Project Management feature that gives you the ability to bill according to the specific Matter type. Before you can begin using Client Matter Type Rates, you need to fully set up Rocket Project Management. Also, ensure that you have configured billing roles for each of your billing users.

1. Navigate to the Client's Contact record and select 'Add Matter Type Rates'.

2. Click the drop-down menu to select a Matter Type. Next, click 'Choose Type'.

This will open up a new box in the Contact screen, with the title of your Matter Type.

3. Click 'Edit Rates'.

4. Toggle the roles you wish to set a custom rate for, enter the actual rate, and click 'Save'.

After saving, your Client Matter Rate will be active and available for you to use! When creating a new Matter, follow these steps if you want to apply the Client Matter Rate:

1. Click '+ Add New' and select 'Matter'.

2. Be sure the correct Client appears in the 'Client' field. Enter a 'Matter Name', select the corresponding 'Matter Type' from the drop-down menu, and choose a 'Workflow Status'.

NOTE: The 'Matter Type' needs to match what you set up in the Client's Contact record. If the Client does not have a corresponding Client Matter Type rate set up, then this feature will not work.

3. Finish entering all relevant Matter information and select 'Save Matter'.

4. Now that the Client Matter Type Rate has been enabled for your Client AND you have created a new Matter, the system will use the Client Matter Type Rate when adding Time.

Example of a Time entry after setting up a Client Matter Type Rate:

Example of this Billing User's default rate:

The default rate is found in the 'User Profile' and may be referenced to confirm the application of your Client Matter Rate is working.