Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseContactsHow to add a Business Contact.

How to add a Business Contact.

NOTE: Once the Contact is saved as a 'Business', it cannot be changed to 'Person'.

1. Click '+ Add New' and select 'Contact'.

2. Toggle 'Business'.

3. Enter the 'Company Name' and 'Primary Contact'.

If this business is a vendor, select the 'Vendor' option. An administrator within your Settings can enable 'Contact Vendor on Expenses' which will prompt a list of only vendors when adding expenses. To learn how to enable this feature, click here!

When entering the name of the primary contact, a contact record will be created.

If you'd like to add more information about the Business Contact, click 'Additional Information' to expand this section.

Tip: Use Copy2Contact to quickly capture Contact info from a document, email signature, or Internet directory. Use the drag-and-drop method, type, or paste information into this field.

4. Click 'Save' to save your changes.

5. View your Business Contact and details.