QuickBooks Online: Granular Permission Options

With the QuickBooks Online enhancements, users on our Premier tier will have the ability to customize their users permissions with the QuickBooks integration.

As mentioned above, this is available only for our Premier Tier customers.

1. Navigate to Settings in the left-hand navigational panel.

This requires administrative access.

2. Select 'Manage Role Permissions'.

3. While viewing the role, click on the name of the role to select the permissions.

In this example, I will be modifying the 'Administrative Access' role.

4. While viewing the permission options, scroll down to 'QuickBooks Online'.

5. Click the + to expand, and view all available permissions.

Click the toggle to assign all permissions, if applicable.

Here's a breakdown of each QuickBooks Permission:

  • QuickBooks Online Ability To Sync - If this option is not selected, Rocket Matter will remove the entire 'Configure QuickBooks Online' option from the Tools page.
  • QuickBooks Online Delete Previously Synced Data - This option gives permission to the user to delete any previously synced data.
  • QuickBooks Online Modify Previously Synced Data - This option gives permission to the user to modify any previously synced data.

6. Be sure to scroll down, and save your changes.

Here's helpful FAQ's to learn more about how to set up, and use granular permissions.

Need more help?

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