Rocket Matter Contacts.

Access all of your firms contacts by clicking 'Contacts' in the left-hand navigation panel.

View your Contacts by Last Name, First Name or by First Name, Last Name.  Search for Contacts that are Clients, by toggling your desired selection.

NOTE: You can also search for a Contact by typing their name into the search bar.

Adding a Contact from this page is easy. Simply click on the '+' sign to add a new Contact.

Be sure to save contact details before leaving the page. For step-by-step instructions on how to create a contact, see How to add a Contact.

Take advantage of the Rolodex on the left-hand side of the Contacts page to scroll and search for contacts.

Invite Clients to the Client Portal from the Contact record.

The Contact record will also display any Matters the Contact has in Rocket Matter, along with any Client custom fields.

You can even choose the currency you would like to use by clicking on the drop-down arrow.

Rocket Matter's Contacts page is a complete source of information for all of your Clients and Contacts.