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How to use the Allocation Report.

The Allocation Report is part of Rocket Matter's Advanced Analytics Module.

This report shows the amount of Client payments your attorneys bring in, making it easy to calculate payouts and support payroll structures that pay attorneys a percentage of revenues.

Allocation Report details include User, Type, Description, Payment.

1. Select 'Reports' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Scroll down to 'I want to see the allocation for all payments received during a time period' and select 'Run Report'.

2.  Scroll down to  "I want to see the allocation for all payments received during a time period", and select "Run Reports".

3. Review the 'Report Summary' and 'Report Results'.

The Allocation Report has preset default filters applied which yield the initial results displayed. You can edit these filters to display different results.

Allocation Report results can be exported in .CSV format by selecting the 'Export' button in the 'Report Summary' section, or the 'Export Report' button in the 'Report Results' section.

4. To view a breakdown of the amounts listed in the 'Report Summary', select the 'arrow' icon next to the Billing User in the 'Report Results' section.

5. Customize viewing options by using the buttons in the 'Report Results' section.

'Show Full Screen' will expand your report to full screen visibility.  

6. Click 'Edit Filters' to change report criteria.

7. Enter the relevant filters and select 'Apply Filters'.

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