Rocket Matter Knowledge Base DocumentsHow to set up and use the two-way Evernote integration.

How to set up and use the two-way Evernote integration.

Notes added from your integrated matter will automatically sync into Evernote. Also, if you create notes in Evernote that are tied to a mapped notebook, they will automatically appear in Rocket Matter. In addition, take advantage of Evernote's key word search capabilities.

1. Click on 'Settings' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Select 'Document Integration Settings'.

3. Click on 'Configure Evernote Credentials'.

4. Sign in and 'Continue' to Authorize Rocket Matter.

5. Once connected, you will be sent back to settings.

6. Navigate to the Matter you wish to sync with Evernote and click on 'Matter Documents'.

7. Click on 'Evernote' as the source, Rocket Matter will create a default notebook for this matter containing the matter name.

8. You may change the notebook you would like to map to this matter by clicking on 'Change Notebook'.

9. Select the new location and click 'Use Selected Folder'.

10. You will see the new location in blue under 'Source'.

11. Search your evernote notebooks by key word. Type your key word and click 'Filter'. Any notebooks containing the key word will appear as a result.