Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseInvoices: Bulk Payments and AdjustmentsHow to make a payment toward a specific billing entry on an Invoice via the 'Invoices' section.

How to make a payment toward a specific billing entry on an Invoice via the 'Invoices' section.

1. Click on 'invoices' in your left-hand navigation panel.

2a. In order to pay your invoice(s) you must first enter a client, matter or invoice number. To further filter your results, enter a specific time frame or custom field. Click 'Apply' to filter the results.

  • The invoices will populate below, in order from oldest to newest.
  • Note: You can take a deeper look and filter between unpaid, paid or all invoices for your client.

3. Click on the blue 'Pay Invoices' button.

4.  You'll now see the the invoices in the 'Basic' view. Toggle to change the view to 'Detailed'.

5. You'll now see the invoice details. Click ' + Invoice Details' to expand this section.

6. You'll now see information regarding this invoice by billing user. If you enter a payment here, this will be applied to the invoice as a whole. If applicable enter these details and click save.

To make a payment towards a specific billing entry on the invoice, continue to the next step.

7. Click the '+' sign next to the billing user to expand and view this invoice and the billing activities in further detail.

8. Now, you can make a payment towards a specific billable activity or multiple activities. Enter the amount to the right of the billable activity. The total payment amount will auto-populate at the top as they're entered.

9. Once you've entered all of the necessary payments, save your changes.

Save options explained:

'Save Credit Card/E-check Payment': Take advantage of our fully integrated merchant processor, LexCharge! Accept credit card payments and e-checks with one click, and your funds will be moved right into your operating account. Want to learn more about payment processing with LexCharge, click here!

'Save with Trust Transfer': Transfer funds from the clients trust account to pay their invoice(s).

'Save': Clicking 'Save' will record the payment(s) on the matter ledger(s).