Rocket Matter Pay Sign Up.

You can now sign up for Rocket Matter Pay, payment processing in-app! Utilizing Rocket Matter Pay increases the revenue you collect on your Invoices by creating an easy, frictionless experience for your Clients. Set up automated recurring billing, payment plans, and Evergreen retainers, so your Clients have more ways to pay! Enjoy automated account reconciliation and a powerful payments report for real-time data and in-app refunds. Follow the in-app prompts outlined below. 

NOTE: Before getting started, use the attached list to gather the necessary information. This will ensure the signup process is completed quickly and easily!


1. Select 'Settings' from the left-hand navigation panel.

NOTE: If you do not see 'Settings' you may need to request access from your firm administrator or have them complete the process.


2. Click 'Setup Rocket Matter Pay'.

3. Add your email address and click 'Lets Get Started'.

To add surcharge capability, toggle 'Enable Surcharge'.



  • If you choose to use the surcharge option, surcharges will apply to all credit card transactions.
  • Surcharges will not apply to a debit card or ACH transaction, nor will they be included in Rocket Matter payment reports. 
  • If you are using the surcharge feature, you will not be able to issue partial refunds in the gateway.
  • Once surcharging is enabled for your firm's processing needs it cannot be turned off; you would need to cancel and re-apply for Rocket Matter Payments if you no longer want to use the surcharge feature.

If you choose the surcharge option, you will need to accept the acknowledgment in order to continue.

* To learn more about surcharges, click on the 'FAQ'.

4. You will be directed to the onboarding page where you will see a welcome greeting. Click 'Continue'.

5. Tell us more about your business. Please fill in each box. In the event that you need to quit before completing sign-up, you will be brought back to the exact place you left off the next time you log in.

NOTE: You will not be able to process payments until sign up is complete. The system will send you an email for future login purposes. If you exit the sign up process before completion, the system will start you out where you left off.

6.Once sign up is complete, you will get a verification message:

7. After your portal is created, you may enter the portal at any time from  Rocket Matter by navigating to 'Settings' and clicking on 'Log into Rocket Matter Pay'.