Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseRocket Matter Pay - Credit/Debit Card ProcessingRocket Matter Pay: How to run a report of all clients on a Payment Plan or Recurring Billing Plan.

Rocket Matter Pay: How to run a report of all clients on a Payment Plan or Recurring Billing Plan.

The Business Intelligence tool is only available for Premier Tier accounts.

1.  In the left-hand navigational panel, click on 'Business Intelligence'.

2. Click on the green + in the top-right corner to create a new report.

3. Click on the plus sign next to 'Rocket Matter Pay' to view the data sets.

Once you've expanded the data sets, you can only create a report from the available fields within this data set.

4. Enter the report name, for this example we used "Clients with Payment Plans or Recurring Billing".

5. Drag and drop the data sets you wish to use into the 'Report Filters', 'Report Grouping', and 'Report Columns'.

NOTE: Many data sets will have drop-down arrows that allow you to further specify the data you want the report to pull. Select, or manually enter, the specifications desired. Click the green 'plus sign' to save your entry.

Here is a breakdown of each data set, and their definition:

  • Payment Plan: Shows Client: Matter Name.
  • Payment Plan Amount: The amount to be charged to the client each payment.
  • Plan Date: Shows the last actual payment date in the plan.
  • Plan Type: A payment plan or recurring billing plan.
  • Total Collected: The total amount collected on the payment plan to date.

6. Here is an example of a report configuration to view all clients on a payment plan, or recurring billing.

7. Once you've added all of your filters, click 'Run Report' and view your results below.

8. This will display the Summary View of each matter with a payment plan, or recurring billing plan.

9. If you'd like to specifically view payment plans, or recurring billing plans use the report filter and click the down arrow.

10. Enter the text 'Payment Plan' or 'Recurring Billing' to filter accordingly. Be sure to click the green plus sign to add the filter.

11. Click 'Run Report' to view the results.

12. In the top right, click 'Save' to save your changes.

13. While viewing your Business Intelligence Report Dashboard, click 'View' next to this report.

14. Click 'Run Report'.

15. To filter by plan type, use the report filter above and enter the text 'Payment Plan' or 'Recurring Billing'. Click the green plus sign to add the filter.

Note the Report Arguments; this will note which plan type you've selected to filter by.

16. Click 'Run Report' to view the results.

For more assistance on how to use the Business Intelligence tool, here's a helpful FAQ.

Need more assistance? Contact Rocket Matter Support at 888-432-1529 or at [email protected].