Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseAdditional Billing OptionsHow to edit a Matter-specific Time entry.

How to edit a Matter-specific Time entry.

1. From the Global Search Box, type in the Matter name. The system will auto-suggest to help you along. Click on the desired matter.

2. Scroll down the Matter Dashboard to view the 'Recent Billable Activity'. Click on the 'Description' of the Time entry you wish to edit.

3. Edit the 'Description', 'Client : Matter', 'Billing Date', 'Billing User', 'Billing Rate', 'Billable Units', 'Tags', or other Billing Options. Click 'Save and Close' when done.

NOTE: You will only be able to edit Time if it has not previously been invoiced. If you have already invoiced for this Time, editing is disabled.

Click here for help editing your daily Time.