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Invite Users from within Rocket Matter!

It's never been easier to invite additional users to join your Rocket Matter account. New users will receive an email invitation and will be able to create their user profile once invited. With the new Invite User section, the account admins can easily invite users in bulk instead of adding them one at a time.

1. Navigate to 'Invite Users' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Invite any/all users by entering the users email address. Toggle to make them 'Admin' if applicable. Any user not marked as 'Admin' will only have 'Regular' access.

Users invited as 'Admin' will have 4 default permissions enabled (Regular Access, Administrative Access, Show all Client and Matter Ledgers & Billing Dashboard Access), as outlined in this FAQ. Users invited without the 'Admin' toggle, will only have 'Regular Access'.

3. You may click '+Add more' as many times as you need. Click 'Send Invitations' to send your single invitation or your bulk invitations.

In the event you attempt to send an invitation to someone who has already been invited, the system will generate the following error message:

"An invitation has already been sent for the email" and will display the actual email used.