Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseLexShare Integration.How to use the LexSign Electronic Signature feature from the LexShare web app.

How to use the LexSign Electronic Signature feature from the LexShare web app.

Send any PDF file you have stored in LexSign to your Clients for an electronic signature. This exchange is easy and secure with LexSign's multi-layered encryption technology.

Only PDF files may be sent for e-signature. This feature will not work with other file types.

To send documents for e-sign from the LexShare web app follow these instructions:

1. Login to the LexShare web app and navigate to 'All Files'.

2. Click on the file you would like to send out for an e-signature.

3. Click 'Request Signature'.

4. Enter the following information:

  1. Client.
  2. Link type (Direct or Question/Answer).
  3. Choose a template. 'Custom Template' will allow you to use the document in the preview window as a template. You will need to drop and drag the signature and/or initial jot blocks into the document.
  4. Select a Signer or Signer(s). You may add additional signers by clicking 'Add Signer'. You may add as many as you need. Click 'Finished' after adding all jot blocks.  
  5. Click 'Add New' under signer one to add signers information. Repeat for each signer on the document.
  6. Enter custom instructions.

5. When you're finished, click 'Prepare Request'.

Once initiated you will get the following validation:

6. The Client will receive an email with the attachment. Click 'View in LexShare' to sign.

8. Your Client/Contact will need to accept the terms and conditions and click 'Start Signing'.

9. Once all signatures and/or initials have been entered, they will click 'Finish'. This will send the documents forward to the next signer, or to you, if complete.

10. The signed documents will appear in LexShare in the designated Client workspace.

You will receive a notification in LexShare once the signed documents are ready!

You will also receive an email notification when signed documents have been delivered.

The signed document will also be found in Rocket Matter.

NOTE: Use the 'actions' drop-down button to move the file into another folder or bill for your Document!