Firm Setup Guide.

Congratulations on making the decision to streamline your workflow, increase your productivity and increase your revenue! Here at Rocket Matter we make it our job to help you succeed! We have dozens of tools in our toolbox that are designed to alleviate the pain-points that firms have on a day to day basis. The following guide will help you as you setup and organize your new Rocket Matter account! When firms take the time to setup their accounts properly, they are able to leverage all the tools we offer and extract critical information on the overall productivity of their firms.

Pre-launch activities:

These activities will set the scene for success and build out a solid foundation for your data and workflow.

1. Data Migration- It is critical that you import your data properly from your former practice management software. In order to do this, you will need to setup a call with your Onboarding Specialist.

2. User Management- Invite the rest of your team to use Rocket Matter so that everyone can reap the benefits of a more efficient work day. Utilizing user permissions and managing roles in your firm allows you to set custom rates for your clients. You can even setup role-based rates on certain matters; new or existing matters alike! Be sure to add the expected amount of hours each user should bill so that you can pull productivity reports for each user.

3. Billing groundwork- Customize your invoice templates to display your unique firm logo and specific billing requirements.

*If you need to use LEDES billing, add timekeeper codes for LEDES billing purposes. Enable LEDES billing to access task, activity and expense codes for billing. Customize your invoice templates for LEDES billing so that all the information you need displays on your invoice.

4. Enter Matter and Client Metrics- Rocket Matter allows you to filter most reports by 'Primary Attorney'. The Primary Attorney is the attorney who is primarily responsible for a specific matter. Therefore, entering this data on each matter is most helpful! We also allow users to track origination. In Rocket Matter, the 'Originator' is the user who was responsible for bringing the business to the firm. Be sure to fill both of these values on all of your matters. If you had your matters and clients imported, you may have had these fields imported already!

5. Setup your automation tools- You have the option to create matter templates and establish project management workflows for each matter type your firm handles. In doing so, you are able to extract meaningful data through our advanced reporting and analyze things like your annual throughput rate or average matter value. You will also be able to automate tasks & events so that you don't miss a step and so that new users can easily follow your predetermined workflows. By using our project manangement tool you will also be able to enjoy a high-level view of your matters using our Kanban boards!

6. Add Matters and Contacts if not already imported- Easily create new matters and capture contact specific data. Rocket Matter will help you locate client and matter information with ease by use of our global search bar. You can also search for closed matters after your work is complete! In addition, you can sync your contacts from Office 365 if you so choose. This sync would be done on a user by user basis and is also referenced in the Rocket Matter New User Guide.

7. Enable Rocket Matter Pay- Activate Rocket Matter Pay in order to take credit card and ACH payments, setup recurring billing or allow for payment plans on cases you otherwise cannot collect on! This feature is FREE to all accounts and is a great way to boost revenue!

8. Setup your Integrations- Rocket Matter users have several options when it comes to integrations. We offer integrations with: Office 365 (Word, Outlook, Calendar & OneDrive), ImagineShare (encrypted file sharing and e-signature), LawToolBox (for calendar rules), IMAP for email syncing from almost any email domain, Box/Dropbox/Evernote (document storage) and more! Talk to your Onboarding specialist about your needs in order to enable the specific integrations that will work best for your firm.

9. Know how to add time & expenses- You can bill-as-you-work and increase your revenue by never leaving money on the table. Accomplish two tasks at once by taking advantage of these tools!

10. Know how to add events & tasks- Calendaring is crucial for attorneys. Be sure to know how to create events and manage calendars.

11. Know where to go for help- Getting help is easy with Rocket Matter. Simply click on our in-app 'Chat' to chat with an award-winning support specialist (8 a.m. - 8 p.m.) Or, click on the 'Help' icon in your navigation panel to peruse our Support Site, where you can look for FAQ's or watch videos on a plethora of topics. Or, call us at #1-888-432-1529 and speak to a friendly Support Specialist who is ready to help.