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How to use the Productivity per Matter Report.

The Productivity per Matter Report is part of Rocket Matter's Advanced Analytics Module.

Productivity per Matter helps you understand which of your cases are absorbing the majority of your time by showing you a breakdown of how much time a user bills for and doesn't bill for,  and how many fees have been billed for or not billed for.  An effective billing rate is also calculated for each user.  

The metrics of this report are as follows:

Fees Worked = Amount if the user had billed for billable, non-billable, and no-charge fees

Fees Billed = Billable, non-billable, and no-charge fees

Hours Worked =  All time spent on a matter (Billable, non-billable, and no-charge)

Hours Billed = Billable time spent on a matter 

Effective Billing Rate = Fees Worked divided by Hours Billed

Productivity per Matter details include:

 User, Fees Worked, Fees Billed, Hours Worked, Hours Billed, Effective Billing Rate.

Note: This report will not include closed matters.

1.  Select 'Reports' on the Navigation Panel.

2.  Scroll down to 'I want to see a productivity per matter report' and click 'Run Report'.

3.  Select your date range, specify your matter, or leave blank for ALL matters.

4.  Click 'Get Answer' to run report.

5.  Review data to assess productivity.

5.  Review data to assess productivity.

6. The Report Summary data includes an average Effective Billing Rate for the matters surveyed, and an 'Export' button to export data in .csv format.

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