Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Document TemplatesHow to insert a Client Custom Field into a Document Template.

How to insert a Client Custom Field into a Document Template.

Document Templates are used to create custom documents in Rocket Matter. Templates are created as Word documents and populated with either standard or custom Rocket Matter 'document merge fields'. A list of 'document merge fields' can be downloaded from the 'Tools' section.

Before getting started, be sure to create the Client Custom Fields for a single Matter, or for all Matters.

Need help creating a Client Custom Field?

  1. Single Matter: How to add a Client Custom Fields for a single Matter.
    • This field will appear on the contact record and Matter Dashboard.
  2. All Matters: How to add a Contact and Matter Custom Field for all Matters.
    • This field will appear on the Matter Dashboard for all existing Matters, and for all new Matters.

1. Navigate to the Matter Dashboard and select 'Edit Fields' from the 'Client Custom Fields' section.

2. Enter the value for the Client Custom Field. Be sure to save your changes.

If there are no values, the text will appear blank on the document template.

3. Now, select 'Tools' from the left-hand navigation panel and click 'Document Templates'.

4. You have the option to use an existing sample template, or you can create your own template from scratch using a Word document.

5. Download the list of available 'document merge fields' by clicking 'MergeFieldsList.docx.'

MergeFieldsList.docx contains preset merge fields that you can insert into your Document Template.

NOTE: 'Document merge fields' are different than 'invoice merge fields'.

TIP: View your blank Word document next to the merge field list.

6. Select all of the text "«Client.Custom.MyField»" and right-click to copy the text.

7. Paste the merge field into your Document Template.

Confirm that you've pasted a merge field, and not static text, by right-clicking and viewing the 'Toggle Field Codes' option.  Only true merge fields will have the 'Toggle' option in the right-click menu.

8. To keep the merge field code and match the existing font, click on the clipboard and select 'Match Destination Formatting'.

9. While your cursor is inside the gray merge field area, right-click to 'Toggle Field Codes'.

The merge field expands.

10. After the period, insert the Client Custom Field value where the text reads 'MyField'. If the field name is two or more words, do not insert a space in between the words.

For example: 'Maiden Name' should be written 'MaidenName'.

11. While your cursor is inside the gray merge field area, right click to 'Update Field'.

Notice the merge field value has changed.

For instructions on uploading the finished Document Template to Rocket Matter, click here.

For additional support:

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