Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseTemplates: Invoice, Summary and StatementInvoice Template options available by default.

Invoice Template options available by default.

Invoice Templates, Summary Templates, and Unpaid Invoice Templates can be customized in the 'Tools' section under 'Custom Invoice Templates'.

1. Invoice Templates.

Rocket Matter offers six Invoice Templates to choose from. You can use these Invoice Templates as-is, or your can download, customize, and re-upload them into Rocket Matter to use as your template.

2. Summary Template.

While running a batch of bills, you can compile each Client's Invoices into one document. There is also an option to include a client 'Summary'.

The Client summary page will include individual Invoice totals and a combined total.

3. Unpaid Invoice Statement.

An Unpaid Invoice Statement displays the Client, Matter information, and the Invoice numbers with the total amount due. This does not create a new Invoice number, it just provides an overview of what's due for all Matters.

The Unpaid Invoice Statement template can be modified in the 'Custom Invoice Template' section.

Unpaid Invoice Statement's can be ran in batch billing or for a single Matter.