9 Ways to bill as you work!

Rocket Matter makes it easy to Bill As You Work!  Here are 9 ways to do so:

1.  Bill for calendar events.

Click on '+Add New' and 'Event'.

Enter the event details, client or matter, toggle the 'Bill' button next to the event owner and click 'Save event'.

2.  Bill for tasks.

Click on '+Add New' and 'Task'.

Add task title, client or matter, billing date, assign a billing user, enter a billing description and click 'Save'.

3.  Add expense or time.

Click on '+Add New' and 'Time or Expense'.

Select your billing type, enter a description, client or matter, billing user, and billing units. Lastly, click 'Save and Close' or 'Save and Add Another Entry'.

4.  Use the timer.

Click on the timer icon on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Click on the play button to start your timer.

Clicking on the three blue dots will expand the timer and allow you to tie the time to a matter. You may also choose to discard timer, close timer, bill time or save.

5.  Bill for documents.

6.  Bill for notes.

From within a matter, click '+Add New' and 'Note'.

Add billing information in the top right-hand side of the screen. Include a billing date, a billing description and click 'OK' to save.

7.  Bill for an email.

8.  Bill for a phone message.

Click on 'Messages' from the left-hand navigation panel. Choose the message you would like to bill for enter the billable time. Lastly, click 'OK' to save.

8.  Bill for a Phone Message.

9.  Bill for a document created from a template.  

Merge a matter with any document template. Include billing units, billing date and billing notes. Click 'Next' to save the billing on your merged document.

Your merged document will be saved in 'Matter Documents' and you will see the 'Pending Invoicing' sticker.