Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseToolsHow to run a Conflict Check.

How to run a Conflict Check.

Rocket Matter’s conflict check can help you narrow down the possibilities of a conflict of interest.

1. Click on the ‘Tools’ tab on the left-hand side navigational panel.

2. Under the ‘Search’ section, click on ‘Conflict Check’.

3. Type the name(s) of the individual or company in the 'Search Terms field'. Be sure to type one name at a time and click the ‘Add To Search’ button between each name. You may include as many names as you desire.

Note: Be sure to include middle names, initials, and/or prefixes. Search for variables of each as the genreal search is specific in nature. 

4. Click on 'Run Conflict Check' to see results.

By default the system will check each area of the software.

5.  To exclude an area of the software, click on the gray tab you wish to exclude from the conflict check, then click 'Run Conflict Check'.

Note: These results do not show anything in the 'Clients' section as that was excluded.

6. You may click on 'Export Results' to export your findings in Excel format.

7. If you desire a more granular search then toggle on 'Search for partial matches of added terms' and run the conflict check again.

* This will break down each word in the search and look for any of the terms individually.

Note: Granular search results may include imbedded terms. For instance, when using the granular toggle and searching for 'Rick' the system will pull results including 'Rick' and 'Patrick' as Rick is embedded in the name Patrick.

Be sure to develop a procedure in which you consider all possibilities. For instance, consider searching for opposing parties, witnesses or insurance companies too.

Be as thorough as possible as the results will be dependent upon the data you put into Rocket Matter.

*It is advised that you check each area of the software so that there are no unexpected conflicts.