Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseTrust Accounting RM Trust: Adding trust configurations to a new Matter.

RM Trust: Adding trust configurations to a new Matter.

Client's will be able to choose whether they would like to enable trust accounting on each of their matters. The Trust Accounting widget will be enabled by default when creating a new matter. Simply un-toggle the widget if you do not wish to use trust.

1. Click on '+Add New' and then 'Matter'.

2. Enter the data in each required field.

3. Click on 'Billing Information' to expand this section.

4. Under 'Trust Accounting' select the trust account you would like to use for this matter from the drop-down.  

a. Enter the 'Initial Trust Deposit Amount'.

b. Enter the 'Trust Description'. This is what will display on the invoice for the trust payment.

Note: If there are no trust accounts created yet for this client, there will be no options that appear in the drop-down. The client name will be used by default to create the first trust account.

5. Enter the rest of your matter information and be sure to click 'Save Matter'.