Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseTrust Accounting RM Trust: How to view all Trust Accounts and Trust Balances by Client.

RM Trust: How to view all Trust Accounts and Trust Balances by Client.

1. Select 'Trust Accounts' from the left-hand navigation panel.

Here you'll see a list of all Trust Accounts.

2. Click on 'Ledger' and 'Refresh Data' to be certain all trust details are displaying in real time.

Once the 'Data Status' reads 'Updated', return to the 'List' view by clicking on 'List'.

Data Status Messages: These may read 'Idle', which means it has never been refreshed. 'Not Updated' means it has not been updated since the disclosed date and time. 'Updated' means it is up to date as of the disclosed date and time.

You will not be able to complete an action on the ledger until you click 'Refresh Data'.

3. To filter your view by a specific Client, select the 'Client' tab. Enter the Client's name and select 'Apply'.

4. View filtered results.

The 'List' view will list all Trust Accounts this Client has and will display the balances for each account.

In the list view, you'll find the following columns: Last Deposit Date, Account Name, Client, Last Deposit Amount, and Balance.

  • Last Deposit Date:Shows the date of the most recent deposit. Trust accounts are automatically created for new clients, and if there haven't been any initial deposits or subsequent deposits, you'll see "N/A" in this column.
  • Account Name:Name of the trust account.
  • Client:The client name.
  • Last Deposit Amount:This column reflects only payment amounts and doesn't include credit adjustments.
  • Export List:The "Export List" option will only export thecurrently displayed data. You have the option to specify the number of items you want to include in the exported list by using the "Display _ items" drop down. Alternatively, you can choose the "ALL" option to display and export all trust accounts.

You may click on any account to view a breakdown of transactions, as well as all Matters attached to this trust.

These results can be exported, if desired. Adjustments can be applied from this screen, as well as deposits, transfers, request retainers, edits, and Evergreen Retainer.

Select 'Print Ledger' from the top right-hand side of your screen to print!