What are Matter Templates?

Matter Templates make it easy to automate your workflow when creating Matters and their associated activities.  

Matter Templates can be used in two ways:

1.  Matter Templates can be used to create a new Matter. When you apply a Matter Template during the process of creating a brand-new Matter,  you can instantly populate your Matter with predesignated Matter specifications, and a workflow of Tasks and Events.

2.  Matter Templates can also be applied to an existing Matter. When Matter Templates are applied to an existing Matter, you can overlay your existing Matter details, and populate your Matter with a workflow of Tasks and Events.

NOTE: Naming your Matter Templates accurately, as well as writing a good description, helps distinguish between Matter Templates intended for new Matters, and those intended for existing Matters.    

Matter Templates make your life a whole lot easier!

Matter Templates make your life a whole lot easier!
  • Create a predefined workflow by incorporating lists of 'To-Do' items and Events.  
  • Specify your billing method, statute of limitations, and unlimited Tasks and Events.
  • Use our milestone feature to designate a 'parent' Event and create a cascade of 'child' Events and Tasks to follow.
  • Create unlimited custom fields so you can automatically incorporate data into your Matters.
  • Populate predefined Contacts or data relationships in your Matter without having to repeatedly input information. Pre-populated relationships may include family members, guardians, or oft-referenced co-counsel.  Pre-populated data may include court information, agencies, licensing or tax-ID numbers, and others.
  • Add custom tags to your templates to make items easy to locate.
  • Create an unlimited number of Matter Templates.

View a sample Matter created by the simple application of a Template:

View a sample matter created by the simple application of a Template:

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