How to create Billing Audit Rules.

1. Navigate to 'Tools' and click 'Manage Rules'.

2. The 'Billing Audit Rules' section display all the Billing Rules you have created. Click on the green '+' sign to create a new rule.

3. Create a 'Rule Name'.

4. Toggle the desired rule type (you may only select one per rule). Set the 'Limit By' from the drop-down menu. If you are creating an hourly Billing Rule, set the 'Hourly Limit'.

5. Decide which part of Rocket Matter you would like the validation to appear (you may toggle more than one location).

6. Choose what specific codes you would like the rule to be applied to or toggle 'Any activity regardless of selected code'.

Note: If you select 'Only the specified codes', a list of available codes appears. You can scroll down each column for additional codes and toggle all codes you would like to apply the rule to. Toggling the general type of code at the top of the column will add all of the codes within that type in bulk.

7. Designate specific user roles to apply the rule to or toggle 'No, it's universal' to apply the rule to all users. You may add more than one role. Enter the role name and click the '+' sign to add.

8. Click on the 'Clients this rule should apply to' at the top of the screen to assign the rule.

9. Add each Client by typing the Client's name and clicking the '+' sign.

Click 'Delete' if you added a Client in error.

10. Click 'Save Rule' to save and apply the new rule.

You will get a validation at the top of your screen saying 'Billing rule added successfully' or you will get an error message indicating what needs to be changed.