Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseBilling: Prebill Approval ProcessPrebills section: How to send Prebills to the 'Prebills' section from Batch Billing.

Prebills section: How to send Prebills to the 'Prebills' section from Batch Billing.

Rocket Matter's new Prebill feature allows you to generate Prebills from Matter or Batch Billing and secure the pending time in the 'Prebills' section. From here, you may dissect your Prebills and send electronic messages to Billing Users. Together, these tools create a streamlined and paperless workflow that ensures accuracy.

Once you generate your Prebills, that Pending Invoicing is removed from general Batch Billing, or Matter Billing, and moved into the 'Prebills' section.

NOTE: Users must have the appropriate permission enabled to access the 'Prebills' section.

1. Select 'Billing' from the left-hand navigational panel.

2. Select the 'Fees pending invoicing' amount in the 'Receivables' section.

3. Select the applicable filters and click 'Get Answer'.

4. Scroll down to view the Result Summary.

5. If these Matters are ready to be sent to the 'Prebills' section, select 'Generate Prebills'.

NOTE: Once you select 'Generate Prebills', these billable activities will be removed from general Batch Billing and moved into the 'Prebills' section. 

Other available actions:

  1. Enter Audit Mode: Scans your line items for errors and omissions and highlights them so you can make corrections. This will also be done automatically for you from the 'Prebill' Section.
  2. Download Invoice Preview: Downloads a copy of the Prebill(s) to your machine.
  3. Generate Invoice: Allows you to skip the Prebill and auditing and directly invoices all pending activity.

6. Select 'Generate Prebills'.

This action takes the pending invoicing out of Batch Billing and drops it into the 'Prebills' section.

Now your Prebill Results are in the 'Prebills' section for further review by the Billing Administrator.