Rocket Matter Knowledge Base CalendarHow to sync with Google Calendar.

How to sync with Google Calendar.

You can sync your Rocket Matter Calendar with Google Calendar, so that your Rocket Matter calendar events are pushed into Google Calendar, and your Google Calendar events come back into Rocket Matter.  This 2-way sync can be used as a bridge to enable other 2-way syncs, such as a Rocket Matter/iCal 2-way sync.  This is a robust sync, but please be aware of the following constraints:

1.  Your Rocket Matter calendar syncs with Google Calendar's PRIMARY calendar.  Secondary calendars events and events from other calendar subscriptions will not be included in the sync.  You can tell which the primary Google Calendar is because it is the first, and primary Google Calendar listed on your Google calendar.  

2.  Calendar events which you originate on your Google Calendar are synced over to Rocket Matter.  Be aware that If you are invited to a Google Calendar event and accept the invitation, although the calendar event will appear on your Google Calendar, that event will NOT appear in Rocket Matter.

3.  Calendar syncing is on a User-by-User basis.  Each Rocket Matter User needs to sync their calendar individually.  So, if you have multiple Rocket Matter Users, you will need to set up a sync for each of the Users.

Following are instructions on how to enable a 2-way sync between your Rocket Matter Calendar and your Google Calendar:

1. Navigate to Settings, and click on Manage Users.

1.  Navigate to Settings, and click on Manage Users.

2. Click on your User name.

2.  Click on your User name.

You can also access your Edit User page by clicking directly on "My Account" from your left hand Navigation Panel.

3. Scroll down, and click on "Enable Google Calendar Integration".

3.  Scroll down, and click on "Enable Google Calendar Integration".

4. Review agreement details, and click "Allow".

4.  Review agreement details, and click "Allow".

5. Your 2-way Google Calendar Sync is now enabled!

5.  Your 2-way Google Calendar Sync is now enabled!

6. Confirm that your sync is intact by viewing the 'Sync Google Calendar' button on My Dashboard.


- You can also view the "Sync Google Calendar" button on your Firm Calendar, accessible by clicking "Calendar" on your Navigation Panel.

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