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How to create a Document Template.

Document Templates are used to create custom documents in Rocket Matter. Templates are created as Word documents and populated with either standard or custom Rocket Matter 'document merge fields'. A list of 'document merge fields' can be downloaded from the 'Tools' section.

Only users with administrative access will have the ability to delete previously uploaded, or existing document templates. Additionally, only users with administrative access will have the ability to download previously uploaded, or existing document templates. This applies to all tiers.

1. Select 'Tools' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Then, select 'Document Templates'.

3. You have the option to use an existing sample template, or you can create your own template from scratch using a Word document.

4. Download a list of available 'document merge fields' by clicking 'MergeFieldsList.docx.'

3.  Download a list of available 'document mergefields' by clicking "MergeFieldsList.docx."

MergeFieldsList.docx contains preset merge fields that you can insert into your Document Template.  

NOTE: 'Document merge fields' are different than 'invoice merge fields'.

5. Select the download at the bottom of your screen, or find the file within your 'Downloads' folder.

6. Once you've opened the MergeFieldsList.docx in Microsoft Word, copy the desired merge field from the list of available fields.

5.  Copy the mergefield.

7. Paste the merge field into your Word document.

6.  Paste the mergefield into your Word document.

8. Edit the merge field by highlighting and right-clicking on it. Apply formatting, as needed.

7.  Edit the mergefield by highlighting it, and right-clicking on it.  Apply formatting as needed.
  • Edit font, size, style, and more by selecting options in the right-click menu, or in your Word toolbars.
  • Modify the contents of the merge field by selecting 'Toggle Field Codes' in the right-click menu. After you make changes to the field content, re-toggle your merge field by right-clicking the field, and clicking 'Update Field' again.  
  • Confirm that you've pasted a merge field, and not static text, by right-clicking and viewing the 'Toggle Field Codes' option.  Only true merge fields will have the 'Toggle' option in the right-click menu.

9. Update the edited merge field by clicking 'Update Field'.

8.  Update your edited mergefield by clicking "Update Field".

10. When you've finished modifying the document, save it to an easily accessible location.

11. Switch back to Rocket Matter and click '+ Add a Template'.

10.  Switch back to Rocket Matter, and click "+ Add a Template".

12. Follow the Rocket Matter prompts to select and upload the file.

13. Name the template. Choose an 'Author' and add 'Tags', if you use Tags. Click 'Next' to save.

11. Name the template, choose Author, and Tag it.  Click "Next" to save.

14. Preview your Custom Document Template and click 'Publish'.

12.  Preview your Custom Document Template, and click "Publish".

In addition to standard 'document merge fields', you can add custom 'document merge fields' to your Document Templates.

There are two types of custom merge fields:

  1. Custom Merge Fields for Matters
  2. Custom Merge Fields for Contacts

For more information, see How to create a Custom Merge Field for my Document Template Matters.

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