Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Invoice SharingHow to automatically share Invoices with clients.

How to automatically share Invoices with clients.

Invoices can be shared automatically with contacts through Email or through Portal.  Once automatic invoice sharing is enabled, every time you run an invoice (whether run individually or in batch form) it will be shared automatically with the specified contact.

When LexCharge is enabled, your clients receive an email with the invoice attached, including a link to a payments page, where invoices can be paid directly and securely.  

Following are instructions on how to enable automatic invoice sharing in your matter:

1.  Navigate to the Matter Dashboard, and click 'Edit matter'.

2.  Type contact name into the 'Who should receive invoices for this matter?' field.  

-  Allow the contact's name to auto-populate.

-  Make sure the contact's email address is valid!

-  If your contact does not yet exist in the system, add the contact record by clicking "+ Add New"> "Contact".  Then return to the Edit Matter screen to enable invoice sharing.

3.  Select 'Portal' or 'Email'.

3.  Select "Portal" or "Email".

3.  Click '+ Add'.

3.  Click "+ Add".

-  If the contact has multiple email address, you will be prompted to select your preferred address.

4.  Click 'OK'.