Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseMattersHow to add a new Matter.

How to add a new Matter.

1. Select '+ Add New' from any screen in Rocket Matter.

2.  Select 'Matter' from the drop-down menu. 

3. Complete the Client, Matter Name, and Open Date fields.

NOTE: If the Client's name is in your Contacts, the 'Client' field will auto-populate.  If the Client's name is not yet in your Contacts, you will be prompted to add a New Contact.    

4. Select Billing Method, Statute of Limitations, and viewing restrictions.

NOTE: Matter-level permissions can be set by specifying who can view the Matter.

To set permissions on the Matter level, select: 'Everyone', 'Just me', or enter 'The following users' by specifying which users will have access to the Matter.

Also see: How to set Matter-level permissions.

5. Click '+ Billing Information' to expand this section.

6. Enter billing information, as needed.

NOTE: Trust Accounting, Invoice Sharing, and Evergreen Retainer fields are OPTIONAL.  

9. When you're finished, click 'Save Matter'.