Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseOffice 365 Integration (Outlook Email, Calendar, Word, and Powerpoint)How to enable and use Document Versioning with the Office 365 Word Integration.

How to enable and use Document Versioning with the Office 365 Word Integration.

Leveraging full Document Versioning allows lawyers to work collaboratively with the Rocket Matter 365 Integration and Microsoft Word plug-in. If enabled, any Document uploaded from Office or Word will be versioned. This feature is a significant improvement in Rocket Matter's Document storage and organization capabilities.

NOTE: You will need to sync to Office 365 first, then follow the steps below. For instructions on enabling the Office 365 sync, click here.

1. Select 'Settings' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Then, select 'Enable Document Versions'

3. To install the Rocket Matter plug-in, select 'Insert' and then 'My Add-Ins'. Search for Rocket Matter and install.

4. Once installed, you will see the Rocket Matter icon on the tool bar of your home page in Word. Select the icon to open the plug-in and sign into Rocket Matter with your Rocket Matter username and password.

5. Save your Word document and enter the additional information into the Rocket Matter plug-in (Matter name, billing user, billing date, and description, if applicable). Click 'Save to Rocket Matter' at the top of your screen to send the document to Rocket Matter.

6. Once your document is in Rocket Matter, select the 'actions' drop-down menu to Move, Bill, Delete, Download, or view Versions.

7. Here, you will be able to effortlessly view and open any version. Select the blue box icon to open the Document. Click 'Ok' to close the window.