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Two-Way Sharing: Document Requests.

Send Document Request emails straight from Rocket Matter with our 'Document Request' feature! Located in the 'Matter Documents' section, this tool gives you the ability to request a specific Document. Your Client then has the ability to send the Document to you, using our secure exchange.

1. Navigate to the Matter of your choice.

2. Then, select 'Matter Documents' from the left-hand navigation panel.

3. Select the 'Document Request' icon.

4. Toggle the desired Client email, add any additional recipients, enter your custom message, and click 'Send'.

NOTE: Your Client does not need to be a portal user to receive the email request for Documents.

5. Your Client will receive a link in the Document request email. They can upload Documents by clicking the link and entering the secure PIN.

NOTE: Once opened, the link/pin is only valid for two weeks.

6. Next, the Client will click 'Select Files' to browse their files and upload the requested Document(s).

7. Once they click 'upload' for each Document selected, the Documents will be sent to Rocket Matter.

NOTE: Once incoming Documents land in Rocket Matter, they are recorded in the Matter Stream. If you are subscribed to the Matter, you will be notified of this activity!

8. The uploaded Documents will be available in the Client's 'Matter Documents' section, denoted by a 'Client' icon.

NOTE: The Documents will be stored in the same location the request was made. For instance, if you sent the request while inside a folder, the Documents will be sent to that specific folder. If you were in the general 'Documents' section, or 'All' Documents, the requested Document will be sent to 'All', as it appears in the screenshot above.

9. You may use the drop-down 'actions' tab to move the Documents into a folder, re-name them, or bill for them.

Click here for an FAQ on how to share a Document with your Client.