Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseNetDocumentsHow to set up and use the NetDocuments Integration.

How to set up and use the NetDocuments Integration.

In order to use the Rocket Matter NetDocuments integration, you must first set up and configure your NetDocuments account.

You must have administrative access to your NetDocuments account to complete this setup. If you work with a NetDocuments consultant, we highly recommend having them complete this setup for you. Only one NetDocuments account can be integrated per Rocket Matter account.

The NetDocuments two-way integration gives users the following capabilities while utilizing Rocket Matter:

  1. Bill for Documents (using the drop-down 'actions' button)
  2. Upload Documents
  3. Create Folders
  4. Email Documents
  5. Delete Documents
  6. Sort Documents by document type 
  7. Search Documents by Keyword 
  8. Open the document in NetDocuments
  9. Download Documents
  10. Download a copy of your Document

Note: Not all matters in Rocket Matter will automatically generate a folder in NetDocuments. A folder will be created only when a document is uploaded on the Rocket Matter side, or vice versa.

Click here for a link to an overview of NetDocuments. 

1. Login to your NetDocuments Account.

2. In the upper right corner, click the username menu’s down arrow and click Admin.

3. Click 'Profile Attributes'.

Every document is associated with a profile that includes attributes such as Client, Matter or Author. These attributes are metadata fields with which to tag documents, further describing and identifying them.

In NetDocuments, Attributes main purpose is to simplify search.

4. Click 'Create' to add a new attribute.

5. In the Name field, enter 'Client'. (See image to reference below)

9A. Select 'Text' for the Type.

9B. Check off 'lookup table'.

9C. Check off the 'Hide lookup table from external members'.

9D. Save.

Now, define Matter Profile Attributes.

6. In the upper right corner, click the username menu’s down arrow and click Admin.

7. Click 'Profile Attributes'.

8. Click 'Create' to add a new attribute.

9. In the name field enter 'Matter'. (See image to reference below)

9A. Select 'Text' for the Type.

9B. Select 'Client' in the 'Link to Parent' drop-down.

9C. Check off 'lookup table'.

9D. Check off 'Hide lookup table from external members'.

9E. Check off 'Base security on this attribute'.

9F. Save.

10. Now, repeat the process to create and define 'Doc Type' Profile Attributes.

10A. Click 'Create' to add a new attribute.

10B. Name: 'Doc Type'.

10C. Select 'Text' for Type.

10D. Check 'Use Lookup Table'.

10E. Save.

11. In the upper right corner, click your name and click 'Admin'.

12. Click 'Cabinets'.

13. Click 'Create Cabinet'

Within NetDocuments, a cabinet is the container that houses folders and workspaces. User access is usually granted on the cabinet-level. Decide which cabinet you want to integrate with Rocket Matter.

Only one cabinet can be integrated. It can be a new or existing cabinet.

14. Enter the name of the cabinet you wish to sync.

15. Click 'OK' to save the changes.

16. Scroll down the page to the 'Cabinet Administrators' section. From here you'll assign the cabinet administrator(s).

*Only cabinet administrators can use and access this cabinet.

17. Scroll below to 'Configurable Document Attributes' - Select Client, Matter, and Doc Type.

*Selecting the following 3 items, as they are essential for the integration to work.

  1. Client
  2. Matter
  3. Doc Type

18. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click 'Submit'

19. Navigate to the cabinet you just created to Define a workspace template for your cabinet.

20. Within the cabinet, click on the Cabinet Administration screen’s upper left corner, click Define workspace templates.

21. Enter the following for the workspace template:

21A. Select 'Matter' from the dropdown.

21B.  Organize documents within workspaces by this attribute, select 'Client'.

21C. Workspace Title: [ParentDescription] - [MatterDescription]

21D. Click 'Save Templates'.

Enable workspaces in this cabinet should be checked by default- in case it is not, check it off to enable.

The NetDocuments configuration is now complete!

Now, to integrate Rocket Matter with your NetDocuments account. The setup is based on the requirements listed above, a Rocket Matter admin user must log into Rocket Matter to enable the integration.

22. While logged into your Rocket Matter account, select 'Settings' from the left-hand navigation panel.

23. Then, select 'Document Integration Settings'.

24. Select 'Configure NetDocuments Credentials'.

You may need to enter your NetDocuments credentials to allow access to Rocket Matter.

25. Assign the correct cabinet.

*You can only assign one cabinet to Rocket Matter.

26. Click 'Save Settings' to save your configurations.

Once the integration is configured you'll see 'Status: Configured' accompanied by a check mark. 

27. Navigate to the Matter you want to upload Documents.

28. Select 'Matter Documents' from the left-hand navigation panel.

29. Select 'NetDocuments' as the Source.

30. Upload Documents using the 'page' icon located in the top right-hand side of the screen. These Documents will be automatically uploaded to NetDocuments and Rocket Matter simultaneously.

31. Select the 'Doc Type' from the drop-down. Click to browse files and upload, then click 'Done'.

Uploading files may take longer than expected as they are being indexed on the NetDocuments site. If you wish to add additional 'Doc Types', this can be done by an Admin on the NetDocuments site.

NOTE: You can also upload your Documents from the NetDocuments side and share these with your configured Matter. 

32. Select the 'actions' drop-down menu for billing capability, email the document, download, download a copy or to quickly view the Document in NetDocuments.