Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseAdditional Billing OptionsHow to generate a list of all Time and Expenses billed per Matter.

How to generate a list of all Time and Expenses billed per Matter.

There may be instances where you need to pull a list of all Time and Expenses billed for a specific Matter. Following these steps will generate a list of everything you have invoiced since the Matter was created.

1. Navigate to the Matter.

2. Click on 'Matter Billing'.

3. Set filters:

a. Date Range: Leave the 'From' field blank. Today's date automatically populates in the 'To' field.

b. Un-toggle 'Exclude previously invoiced items'.

c. Toggle to include both Activity Types, 'Time Billed' and 'Costs'.

4. Click 'Get Answer'.

5. Results will populate on the screen. Next, select 'Pre-bill'.

6. Select your Configure Options and click 'Next'.

7. Confirm this action by selecting 'Run Pre Bills'.

8. You'll receive a message that says your Prebills are being processed. Select 'Done'.

9. Your Prebill will populate on the bottom of your screen and contain every Time entry and Expense you have billed in this Matter. Click to open the downloaded file, or find the file within your 'Downloads' folder.

NOTE: If you are using the 'Prebill' section, there may be pending activity in that section that has not been billed yet. Once billed, the activities will appear as part of the listed line items.

To bring activities back to 'Matter Billing' from the 'Prebill' section, simply delete the activities from the 'Prebill' section. Doing this will include the pending activity that was in the 'Prebill' section as part of your list, without having to Invoice for that time.

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