Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseLexShare Integration.How to store Documents in LexShare and Rocket Matter with our two-way Document integration.

How to store Documents in LexShare and Rocket Matter with our two-way Document integration.

On the Rocket Matter side: Once you are integrated with LexShare, any Documents you upload to Rocket Matter can automatically be synced to LexShare too!  

On the LexShare side: As long as you upload a Document to LexShare and save it in a mapped folder/file, then that Document will automatically sync to Rocket Matter.

1. Enable the LexShare Integration.

For steps on enabling the integration, click here.  

2. From an existing Matter, select 'Matter Documents' from the left-hand navigation panel.

NOTE: If the integration is already enabled, when you create a new Client : Matter in Rocket Matter, a new Client : Matter will automatically be created in LexShare.

However, when you create a new Client directly in ImagineShare, a Client is NOT created automatically in Rocket Matter. You will want to create a Client : Matter with the same name in Rocket Matter, as you did in ImagineShare.

3. Select the Source 'LexShare'.

4. Select the 'paper' icon to upload a file. Or, select the 'folder' icon to create a subfolder in ImagineShare for this Matter.

5. Upload the desired Document or folder. Next, click 'Done'.

6. The Document will be uploaded into Rocket Matter and LexShare!

View on the Rocket Matter side from within the Matter:

View of the mapped Matter from the LexShare side:

View of the uploaded file stored within the mapped Matter: 

If desired, upload additional Documents directly from the ImagineShare side!

1. While in the mapped Matter, or while in the Client workspace, click 'Upload new files' to upload files, or 'New folder' to upload a folder.

2. Additionally, select the 'Visibility to client' drop-down to make objects visible to the Client in the Client portal. Or, you may choose to hide them from the Client's view.

3. Click 'Upload & save' to complete the action.

NOTE: If you chose to upload from the Client workspace level, you will need to 'Move' the document(s)/folder(s) to the mapped Matter in order for the documents to appear in Rocket Matter. No documents or signed documents will sync over unless they are stored in the mapped location. 

If you chose to upload directly from the mapped location then these steps are not needed.

To move from the Workspace level, click the 3 black dots and select 'Move File'.

Click on the mapped location to direct the move. Then, select 'Save'.

7. You will now see the Document(s)appear in Rocket Matter.

Use the  'actions' drop-down menu to bill for your Document(s)!

Using the 'action's drop-down menu also allows you to:

  • Move items into another folder by selecting 'Move'.
  • Change the file name by selecting 'Edit'.
  • Email this Document directly from Rocket Matter to one or more recipients by selecting 'Email Document'.
  • Download to your device by selecting 'Download'.
  • Open a copy of the Document to reuse, retitle, and re-save into another Matter by selecting 'Download Copy'.
  • Open this Document in LexShare by selecting 'Open in ImagineShare'.
  • 'Send File' allows you to send the file via email for sharing.
  • 'Request Signature' allows you to send a document for e-signature!