Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Rocket Matter Pay - Credit/Debit Card ProcessingHow to start an automated payment plan for your Client with Rocket Matter Pay.

How to start an automated payment plan for your Client with Rocket Matter Pay.

1. Navigate to the appropriate matter you'd like to create a payment plan for.

2. While in the matter, click on ‘matter payments’ in the left-hand navigation panel and select ‘Payment Plan’. Click ‘next step’.

Note: a negative matter ledger balance is required to create a payment plan.

Payment plans are designed for cases that have been completed and do not need any additional billing.

If you start a payment plan for your client and then add new billable entries after setting up the plan, these entries will be automatically added to the invoice (not to the plan itself) the next time the plan runs.

We highly advise against adding billable time to a matter that has been set on a payment plan. If you must add time, then we suggest you stop the plan first. Add the additional time, temporarily stop invoice sharing, invoice the matter, and then restart the plan. This will add the newer time to the pre-existing time and will only send out one invoice on the date you scheduled the plan to run.

3. Enter plan details.

4. Enter the total dollar amount to be paid, select date of first payment, add payment failure email recipients (click the green “+” to add the email). Lastly, select the payment frequency from the drop-down.

5. Select one of the payment terms.

6. Enter automatic billing if you’d like to utilize this option. Choose between billing to a credit card or e-check account.

Note: If you dont select this option, your clients will receive an email with a link to make each payment.

Toggle 'Store payment details for later use' if you would like to save the credit card information to use again.

7. Click 'Continue' to save card information. You may need to enter it twice if your account is configured to use both Trust and Operating.

* Note: You will only need to enter it twice the first time you store the credit card information.

8. Click 'Next Step' to continue.

8. Confirm where you'd like your funds posted.

1. Operating.

2. Trust.

3.  Automatic Accounting: This option will apply collected funds toward any unpaid balances and anything excess will post to the trust account.

9. Confirm who shall receive invoices and or receipts for this matter and click ‘review plan’.

10. Review plan. If necessary, you may over-ride payment due date by clicking on the calendar icon. Select a new date and click 'Confirm' to save that date. When plan review is complete, click ‘Start Plan’.