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Kanban troubleshooting tips.

1. Why is my kanban page empty?

Kanban works alongside Rocket Project Management; therefore, you must set up your Matter Types,  Workflow Statuses and Transitions to connect them to your matters before you can manage your kanban board.

Rocket Project Management is found in 'Settings'.

2. What do 'Boards' refer to?

When you click on 'Boards', the drop down menu will display every Matter Type you have set up in Rocket Project Management. Therefore, you can select by Matter Type which view or board you wish to see.

3. What do the colors on top of the cards mean?

The color of the cards relate to the health of the matter. If your card is green, your status is within scope. If your card is yellow, your deadline is approaching. If your card is red, your status has reached its deadline.

4. What do the scopes refer to?

The 'scopes' refer to the 'recommended number of days' something should be in a certain status . These deadlines are created when you create your Statuses in Rocket Project Management.

5. What do the numbers mean?

The number of days on the left-hand side of each swimlane refers to the amount of days the matter should be in this status.

The number inside a circle on the right-hand side refers to the total amount of matters in that status.

6. What does the number on the card mean?

The number of days on the card refers to the length of time this card has been in this status/swim lane.

7. Why do some of the matters have an “N/A” instead of a photo?

The photo displayed is of the primary attorney associated to that matter. If there is no primary attorney this will show as 'N/A'. Also, If the user has not uploaded their photo in their user profile, the circle will show 'N/A' instead of a picture.

8. Why can’t I drag my card back to its old status (I changed my mind)?

If you dragged your card to a different status/swim lane then change your mind and would like to revert your action, the system will not allow you to move it back via Kanban. Instead, navigate to your matter dashboard and use the Rocket Project Management widget to revert the status. Do not forget to click 'save'.

9. Why do some swim lanes highlight and others do not?

When you click on a matter card, you may notice the highlighted outline around a swim lane. This means that this particular matter has a transition configured to move to that particular status. If the swim lane is not highlighted, then the matter is not configured to transition to that status, and not available to drop into.