The 'Documents' section.

The 'Documents' section is a central location where you can find all of your firm's Documents, regardless of Matter. If you are using the Document integration tools Rocket Matter offers, you will be able to access all Documents in Box, Dropbox, and Evernote.

1. Select 'Documents' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Select the 'Source' you would like to view your Documents from.

  • Rocket Matter: View all Documents directly uploaded to Rocket Matter.
  • Dropbox: View all of your Dropbox Documents (even those not synced over).
  • Box: View all of your Box Documents (even those not synced over).
  • Evernote: View all of your Evernote notebooks (even notebooks not synced to over).

3. Select the folder of your choice.

4. The documents and files within that folder will display on the next screen. Use the drop-down actions tab to move, bill, edit, download, or send to the Client Portal.